EXCLUSIVE: Colton Ford on His New Single, Dating Life & What’s Ahead For Him

Credit: Joe Oppedisano

You gotta give it up to Colton Ford (not in that way, folks). His ability to remain relevant decades into his career is something noteworthy, admirable and incredible. Oh, and he’s still smoking hot so he has that to partially thank for why his adoring fanbase still loves him all this time later.

Looks aside, dude is talented. He has churned out an impressive amount of originals and covers over the years that highlight his great voice which pairs perfectly with everything else that makes him fun to watch.


Colton shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Matter of fact, he’s gone in the opposite direction by whetting his fans appetites even further with his new single “Stronger” that officially comes out on Tuesday, October 27. I’ve heard it and can’t stop listening to it and neither will you. Trust me on that one.

The studs of all studs sat down with me to discuss the new song, his elongated career, if he’s dating and what’s next for him. Take a look.

Credit: Kevin Hoover Photography

“Stronger” is another great song! What was the process in making it?


Well firstly, thank you! I have a production company, Woop Woop Productions, with my two creative partners, Ron Schrader and Spin Sista. They create amazing tracks (instrumentals) that I write the toplines to (melody and lyric). I wrote the lyrics for “Stronger” as a self-speak to staying positive and hanging in there. Our internal dialogue can help us process through difficult and challenging times or be the catalyst to our demise. It has helped me through, and the positive message I believe is very timely, especially now.

Were you cautious about releasing music during COVID as many big artists appear to be delaying their own releases (Adele, Rihanna, etc)?

Yes and no. It’s definitely impacting how artists navigate the current environment, and is a consideration that needs to be factored in when making the decision to release new music. I do think it’s important though that artists continue to speak to their audience. We need music and entertainment now more than ever, to help us cope and get through these difficult times, to give us hope and lift us up. With the uncertainty of our future right now it may be a while before we return to some sense of normalcy. If we wait until everything is more settled, we could be waiting and delaying things for quite some time. My partners and I are choosing to start releasing material now and keep it moving!

You’ve had a pretty big career music wise in an area that chews people up and spits them out very quickly. What do you credit your success to?


Creating music and entertaining is in me through and through. It’s why I’m here I believe, what I’ve done all of my life and what I will continue to do until I leave here. What has enabled me to continue to fight the good fight, pick myself up when needed and continue forward, is my undying belief in myself and my vision, persevering and overcoming the many obstacles that artists encounter along the way. You have to be relentless otherwise don’t bother. This is not a career for the faint of heart.  

Do you think people knowing you from your other work helped you in the beginning of your career?

That experience enabled me to create Colton Ford and gave me a built in audience that I could reach with my music. Many were open to following me, and they did. There was a contingency of that audience though that wasn’t having it. There have also been people in the business that didn’t want to take me seriously either, both of which have been broken down over time. Not just because they were finally able to come to my music and connect to it free from the prejudice they had in the past, but also because they got hip to my story and history as an artist. I’ve been in the music and entertainment business for 40 years now, had several major label deals in the 90’s, worked with a bunch of significant people, etc. Music (and acting) is not a residual of my porn experience, but just a continuation of what I’ve been doing all of my life. My music stands on it’s own, and I believe that is the driver now. 

Credit: Kevin Hoover

COVID has been a challenging time for all of us. What has been the peak and pit of your experience with it thus far?

Figuring our way through challenges, hardships and difficult times is an integral part of life for most people on the planet, and where we can potentially learn and grow the most on our journey through it. For me and for most artists, it’s also the greatest source of inspiration when creating. This time has been very creatively productive, and my creative partners and I have taken full advantage of it. We (Woop Woop Productions) now have over 30+ songs in our catalog, and we’re starting to work with and develop material for other artists.

The pit has been the impact of this pandemic. 221,000 deaths and counting!! The way the pandemic has been mismanaged, the circus in our government of denial and misinformation and the hardships felt by all Americans because of it. Shame on those leaders, led by the quintessential pathological liar in the WH, who have not only been complacent, but have denied the science and the recommendations of doctors and the medical community on what we need to do to navigate through this and come out the other end as safely as possible. Racial injustice and unrest. Environmental catastrophes. It’s all unconscionable and the lunatic in the WH and those enabling politicians need to all be removed from office in my opinion. Unconscionable!

Are you dating anyone? If not, what do you look for in a guy?


Nope. I’ve been single for quite sometime, and I’m all good with it! I’m not really looking, but I’m open. I would want someone who is self-aware. Conscious. Someone who has a strong sense of self and purpose. Someone who is empathetic and mindful. That is sexy to me!

What can fans expect outside of “Stronger” from the one and only Colton Ford in the future?

Lots, including my follow up EP, Unity, dropping about a month after the lead in single, “Stronger.” We are all a part of the human race and we’re in it together. Each of us is figuring our way through this life, facing obstacles that are not only affecting us individually, but as a species. I believe that we are at a crossroads, and this EP acknowledges the challenges and obstacles in front of us, but is also clearly hopeful. A message of empowerment, not just for us individually, but also as we come together in unity. I will also be dropping a full album early in 2021 that will be broader in terms of subject matter. Lots going on!

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