EXCLUSIVE: DJ Ben Bakson Talks Upcoming NYC Show, Dating Life and Traveling Internationally

Zurich based DJ Ben Bakson has developed a major name for himself in the music industry.


His eclectic sounds and styles has been heard and danced to all over the world. Just this year alone he will be hitting up Rio, Cancun, Columbia and Amsterdam where hundreds of people will be up all night listening to his unique take on what its like to be an in demand DJ.

Ben's next gig finds him in my hood of New York City, where he'll be playing sets alongside local favorites Joe Pachecho and Shane Marcus at an event called Rhythm Nation inside Schimanski nightclub. 

Produced by Jake Resnicow and Alan Picus, who encourage you to let loose, be yourself, and share in the kinetic energy.  In the words of Janet Jackson, “The one thing that we all have in common is music. We are all part of the Rhythm Nation.”

Ben chatted with me about the upcoming gig at Schimanski as well as his hectic life on tour and if the hunky DJ is single or not. 


You're in the midst of your world tour which finds you in NYC this coming weekend. How excited are you to be in The Big Apple?

NYC is one of the most exciting cities in the world! I have more great friends here than in Zurich. A great time is always guaranteed here because of that and I’m very happy and proud to spin during two big birthdays of two good friends who will celebrate at our party with their groups.


What has been your favorite stop so far on your tour?

There are many spots I love for different reasons. I love Brazil especially for the crowd. Chile was also amazing last weekend! Those guys know how to party.

Mykonos is my yearly highlight. Cause I am part of the XLSIOR Family as their resident DJ and I just love this magical island! I really love the perfect mix of playing in big cities and also on vacation destinations. The vibe is always unique! I love that.

Can you describe the kind of music you do? 


I play a mix of "Circuit" and "Tribal" House. Vocals are very important for me, but of course combined with very energetic tribal beats. I love happy music! I want my crowd to have several happy and unforgettable moments in the club through my music.

Zurich is where you call home currently, but are there any other destinations you would like to live?

Yes, I’ve lived in Zurich for five years, but I’m German and very proud of it. I feel happy and home in there. I love the summertime, however, so other possibilities for living include Barcelona or even Miami one day.

What can people expect from your show this Saturday at Schimanski?


An unforgettable night with a very special set, presenting a unique mix of Brazilian tribal beats with European influence. I promise the crowd will dance until we switch the light on


Gotta ask: single or partnered? And what do you generally look for in a man?

Single. I have no special type. I would describe myself as an alpha who is used to deciding on everything and organizing groups if necessary. In general, I like men who know what they want and take over some responsibility.

For more information on Ben, click here. To check out what's going on locally at Schimanski, click here.

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  1. Good morning baby I don’t know how people are not seeing that you like men an woman you asked me to trust you well I do trust you I’m looking forward to you coming here I will be your best friend for ever you are so talented,an amazing man I respect you

  2. Hi Ben yes I also found many scammers who are pretending to be you and I didn’t realize you were gay. They’re pretending to have you contact the manager and you get to spend three days with you which I mean I know is just crazy. I’m reporting them. Good luck to you and everything you do God bless.

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  4. Hello Ben, you play beautiful music, you are a beautiful Being on this earth 🥰. I just wanted to write to you that he probably writes with scammers who impersonate you. It’s sad because I started looking who is in the photos. I ended up here anyway. now I know that you are not interested in women. Do what you do and bring love around the world ❤️. Regards Kinga

  5. If would love to chat with you dj Ben bakson if you have a second I would love to chat with u feel free to email me anytime I am available if you got time to answer any questions I have


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