Exclusive: Guy Scheiman & Alan T Recreate The Club Classic “The Door” For The Social Distance Era

No matter what, when a crisis comes over our country, the entertainment industry is known to be one of the first groups to come together and help the country rally. A national pandemic may be affecting our country and in turn, impacting our social lives, but it does not mean that we can not get some fantastic new music primed and ready for when we finally are able to go out and hit the dance floor again. Thankfully, worldwide DJ/Remixer Guy Scheiman has teamed up with notorious nightlife performer Alan T on the beyond socially timely track  “#StayTheF*ckHome”. From the moment you hear the first beat of the track, the influence of Alan T’s legendary track “The Door” is evident. A quick tutorial: “The Door” was a classic anthem for the late night crew of the large nightclubs in the early 2000’s indicating the hierarchy on how to line up properly at the club entrance. Reworking it for the next generation while we are all navigating a new way of socializing defines irony and is an even more perfect time for us to revisit this classic club anthem. I mean, “fierceness is always welcome”, right?


Scheiman exclusively told me that “with the Corona virus spreading everywhere, and people not paying enough attention to the restrictions of social distancing, Alan T & I have decided to make a catchy tune to advocate the importance of staying home during these times. Enjoy it, be safe and #StayTheF*ckHome”! 

Nightlife denizen Alan T exclusively shared with me from Miami that “The whole concept of the track was born out of a current world situation, which is quite outta control especially in my families native Italy. We put what all of the news outlets were prescribing to do in order to be safe, while paying homage to my track “The Door”. We are hoping that they will follow what we are setting forth in the track”.

#StayTheF*ckHome is available for download on Soundcloud.