Exclusive Interview: O’Leary On His Creative Process, His Co-Star Mother, and What’s Next

Colin O’Leary and his mom, Carol, in a new video. (Photo Credit:Screenshot from O’Leary’s new YouTube video)

YouTube sensation Colin O’Leary is back with a new video and it is every bit entertaining as his previous videos.  In the video ‘The O’Leary Show Must Go On! 2020,’ O’Leary draws from not only Broadway musicals like The Phantom of the OperaCabaret, and Wicked to name a few, but he also draws from other forms of pop culture as well, like Lady Gaga, The Wizard of Oz, and The Mandalorian.

I recently interviewed with O’Leary on Instagram Live and we discussed his first (unseen) video and the time his mom, Carol, almost broke from her stoic character plus much more.

What do you think of Colin O’Leary’s new video? Was there something from the interview that you liked? What should we have asked but we didn’t? Let us know in the comments.

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