Fake Kiss in Shakespeare Play Prompts Prayer Circle

Anyone who has attended school in America knows who Shakespeare is. A prolific writer, William Shakespeare's works have reached many a public school classrooms, with plays from Hamlet to The Merry Wives of Windsor being taught across the nation. Shakespeare's plays are still being performed today, and one all-male group performed an educational parody of Shakespeare's plays which contained a stage kiss between Romeo and Juliet in a high school in North Carolina. Two men performing a fake kiss on stage apparently offended parents so greatly that they felt the need to invoke God by forming a prayer circle, according to The New Civil Rights Movement.

The play, titled The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), was performed at Mitchell High School and was edited to make it more appropriate for a high school audience, but alcohol consumption and homosexuality among other things were left in, sparking  a group of angry parents and pastors to form a prayer circle.

Original reports claim that the prayer circle was formed in protest of topics such as alcohol and bad language, but one parent revealed that the real reason the circle was formed was because of the stage kiss that was performed between Romeo and Juliet, who were played by two malr actors. 

Do these patents realize that a few students in Mitchell High School are probably gay? Or that the kiss was performed technically by a heterosexual couple? Or that the kiss wasn't even real? Some people take things too seriously and in this instance, the parents really overreacted. 

I shudder to think how they would react if the group put on a production of Twelfth Night.

The New Civil Rights Movement

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