Falcons’ Cheerleader Said “Yes!”

Ben Ajani began cheerleading for the Atlanta Falcons in 2020, joining the ranks of the very few out male cheerleaders in the NFL. In 2018, the first male cheerleaders joined a professional football team as part of the L.A. Rams cheer team. The rise in auditions inspired Ajani to try out.


But little did Ajani know that one of the highlights of his cheerleading career would be getting proposed to in front of a stadium full of Falcons fans.


During a recent game against the Saints, Ajani’s boyfriend Dominic Williams popped the question.

After the national anthem and before the kick off in the Falcons’ game, Ajani was asked by his coach to make a promotional appearance on the upper deck of the stadium. When Ajani stepped off the elevator, he saw Williams on one knee ready to ask him an important question.


Williams instituted the help of the Falcons’ coach and fellow cheerleaders to make the life-changing moment happen. Even the Falcons’ mascot was part of the celebration.


Ajani shared with NBC:

I’ve always had a dream that it would happen this way. All cheerleaders want to get proposed to at a game. It’s such a big part of your life. You cheer and dance your whole life, and your teammates are really special to you, because you spend so much time together.

Source: NBC

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