Feeding The Natives On Malaysia’s Monkey Beach

Vlad Parker and natives at Malaysia’s Monkey Beach (screen capture)

Fitness guys Bryan Hawn and Vlad Parker share their National Geographic-inspired video of time spent on Malaysia’s Monkey Beach feeding the natives. 

Set to the calming strains of Selena Gomez’s “Lose You To Love Me,” the buff boys share their bananas with the Macaques that live near the white sand beach.

The clip seems appropriately restful for a New Years Day respite.

The video is part of Hawn’s ‘Broscience’ series, so there’s some science to be learned here…somewhere.

Perhaps that the monkeys knew which banana to grab?

Hawn recently celebrated the one year anniversary of his popular video series where each episode garners tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

Videos posted prior to this included an informative fitness video depicting “Malaysian Water Wrestling,” detailed instructions on “How to Be a Russian Spy,” and a very scientific 10-question test to determine where you land on “Santa’s Official Naughty Or Nice List.”


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