‘Fellow Travelers’ Creator on Kinks and Fetishes in the Gay Romance

And so it happened — the highly anticipated LGBTQ+ series ‘Fellow Travelers’, was finally released, and it has already left viewers stunned with its steamy scenes that are described to be the “hottest gay sex scenes on TV.”

SPOILER incoming…

The show does not shy away from depicting kinks and fetishes, as Tim Laughlin (Bailey) and Hawkins Fuller’s (Bomer) sub-dom dynamic is established. One of which features Bailey enjoying his co-star Bomer’s foot during their intimate moment. Yup, you read that right, and you can watch it too 😉

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In an interview with Gay Times, ‘Fellow Travelers’ creator Ron Nyswaner revealed:

“Am I gay? Yes. Have I had sex with men? Yes. I admit it, yes I have!”

In relation to that statement, he noted that “we certainly embrace the sex in the show.” 


“If people are talking about Fellow Travelers, that’s all I care about. I didn’t create it to have some sort of social message and to teach people lessons about anything, which is a boring approach to art,” the 67-year-old American screenwriter and film director expressed.

He continued,

“We wanted the sex to be powerful in Fellow Travelers, because I believe it is a really powerful part of the gay experience.”

Moreover, Nyswaner spilled the tea on Bailey and Bomer’s intimate foot scene, revealing that “Matt had his feet washed about 25 times over the course of three or four hours of shooting that scene.”


“We tried, with those very specific scenes, to do them with two cameras so you’re not having to redo takes. We tried to do them with minimal takes,” he further shared.

Meanwhile in an interview with Men’s Health, the executive producer and showrunner also noted that the sex scenes “were about power.”

“Yeah, every scene was about an exchange of power. It’s Washington; these are political people engaged in political theater. But especially in sexuality. From the first episode, you really see how Tim [Jonathan Bailey] is less experienced than Hawk [Matt Bomer]. He’s overwhelmed by Hawk. And then Tim begins to understand his value and his power. You see Tim leverage sex into an invitation to a powerful D.C. party,” Fellow Travelers’ director Daniel Minahan added.

The two also discussed the portrayal of kink in the sex scenes, to which Nyswaner revealed were a depiction of both power and realistic queer sex.


“I think it was both. Oscar Wilde said it before me: “Sex is about power.” We tried for every decision in Fellow Travelers to be based in story or character development. So it wasn’t just, Gay men have this kind of sex, so let’s put that in the show,” he explained.

Director Minahan continued, 

“There needs to be an importance to the sex. When Hawk goes cruising at the public toilets in Lafayette Park, he’s compelled to do that. It’s a very dangerous thing. And I think that the sex scene it leads into represents the risk that these people are taking.”

If you want to see more of the really sexy scenes, please check it out from our friends at OMGBlog


‘Fellow Travelers’ is now available for streaming via Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan. 

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  1. Best gay sex scenes on TV right now. Can’t wait for more episodes, I think it’s going to turn out to be a great gay series. Wish all the episodes would come out all at once instead of weekly but I guess I’ll have something to look forward to watching weekly now.


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