FIFA Opens Disciplinary Hearings After Mexico Fans Chant Anti-Gay Slurs At The World Cup

Soccer fans of Mexico's team are in trouble, and may even negatively affect the team, after they chanted anti-gay slurs at a recent World Cup match.

FIFA is currently investigating an incident at the recent Mexico and Germany match of the World Cup, in which Mexico won 1-0, after fans were heard yelling out the anti-gay slur “puto.”

While FIFA has already enlisted the new procedure where referees are to stop a game after hearing such chanting in order to release a non-discrimination announcement, many complain that no such action was performed at the match.

“There is only one way this will stop, and that’s for FIFA to halt matches and clear the stands when these chants happen, or mandate the Mexican team play in front of empty stadiums from the first minute,” says Cyd Zeigler for Outsports. “They have done this many times due to racism, and failing to take the same action against Mexico now sends a clear message that the soccer world refuses to take this seriously.”

That said, FIFA later stated that referees were preparing to enact this procedure when the chanting stopped. In addition, the moment was included in the match report and they have opened disciplinary hearings.

We’ll see if anything comes out of their investigation.

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  1. Oh please. How am I to take

    Oh please. How am I to take FIFA seriously when they allowed a government that continues to operate institutional violence against LGBT people. If they Alcatel Russia wouldn’t even be allowed to compete, let alone host the World Cup 


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