Fifth, Yes Fifth, Man Comes Forward Claiming Topher DiMaggio Sexually Assaulted Him

In a case that keeps on unraveling, porn star Topher DiMaggio now has five men who have come forward with accusations that he sexually assaulted them.

First, it was fellow porn star Tegan Zayne.  Then, two unidentified men spoke about their own claims to two separate outlets (Hornet and Str8UpGayPorn).  Then, YouTube star Bryan Hawn spoke about how Topher tried sexually assaulting him at a popular gay bar in WeHo last year.  Now, a fifth man has come forward, and the story runs very similar to what Hawn said to us earlier this week.

The fifth accuser, who wants to be referred to as "Alex", spoke with Str8UpGayPorn exclusively about what allegedly went down between him and DiMaggio.  Note that Alex is not in the adult industry, so far only Zayne is the only other porn performer who has spoken up about DiMaggio.

The alleged incident happened in 2014 at a gay bar in Seattle, where Andrew Christian (who DiMaggio is a trophy boy for) was hosting a show.  Alex alleged that they were talking in a VIP area when DiMaggio grabbed his ass.  After thinking DiMaggio was joking about it all, he pulled his waistband down a little and was like "yes, that's my ass".

Then, he alleged that DiMaggio flipped him around against the railing, crouched down and pulled his shorts down and started eating his ass. Alex tried to get DiMaggio off of him, but similar to the other stories, he pinned him against the railing and couldn't get out.  Alex reached back and smacked DiMaggio in the head where he returned the favor and bit down on his right butt cheek.

The incident happened for about 30 seconds.  The transcript of it can be found here.DiMaggio's face and body still appear on Andrew Christian's website as of Tuesday, and they have not returned Str8UpGayPorn's request for comments regarding the five men's claims against him.


15 thoughts on “Fifth, Yes Fifth, Man Comes Forward Claiming Topher DiMaggio Sexually Assaulted Him”

  1. Let’s be clear. This is not,

    Let's be clear. This is not, I repeat, NOT sexual assault if it's from Topher DiMaggio. These guys would only be so lucky to be near his dick. Topher must have rejected them all and now they're spreading these lies about him. 

    Free Topher 

    you only wish he would want you! 

    • You say that “these guys

      You say that "these guys would only be so lucky to be near Dimaggio's dick". That's fucked up. DiMaggio has quite the ego. It's like he thinks he's god's gift to gay men. It's not a matter of him having rejected those guys. As all five of them put it  they didn't "want" DiMaggio. Assault is assault no matter how you cut it.  You need to get over the sick obsessions you have with DiMaggio. Being obsessed with a porn star is fucked up!  Stop making excuses for DiMaggio!

  2. The bottom line is that

    The bottom line is that unless you've been a victim of sexual assault you don't know what's going through their heads. Why haven't they gone to the police yet? Only they can answer that question. The big question of course is exactly what did or didn't happen between DiMaggio and each of those five guys. In each situation there are only two people who know what REALLY happened: Each guy and DiMaggio. The truth may never come out. I will admit that DiMaggio is one piece of meat that I'd like to get my hands on. He has a lot of  studability. I'm sure a lot of the pictures of him have been photo shopped. Does anyone if Topher is his really birth given name? Or was it given to him by his manager or producer?

  3. These guys who went to the

    These guys who went to the tabloids probably did so in an effort to get the word out about DiMaggio.  Fame? None of them gotten fame. What they've gotten is being called liars and criticized. They've gotten anything but fame. If this was about a guy who sexually assaulted women it would be a whole different story. People need to stop defending this entitled rapist just because he's attractive. That being said if DiMaggio was unattractive I doubt very much people would be defending him and his actions.

  4. He will say he was on drugs

    He will say he was on drugs and didn't know what he was means No!!!!..stop..shame on Andrew Christian. .but he loves  all that muscle of which he's not..he's got money and that's why guys give him attention..but he must let him's wrong no matter who you are.. now 5 people and nothing you not have morales ac?

  5. If it were just one guy who

    If it were just one guy who claimed Topher asexually  assaulted him then it could be said that it was for money or simply to get his name in the news. Five Guys! They're allegations can't be debated. There has got to be some merit to their claim. I've seen Topher being interviewed a couple of times and watched some of his porn. It seems like he has a very big ego and thinks that he's a gift to gay men. I noticed that he has a website. One must pay $15.99 a month to view it. That's crap! I was wondering if anyone knew if Topher is his birth given name. Or did some agent or producer give him that name. That being said with five people claiming Topher sexually assaulted them one would think that he could be prosecuted.

  6. HIGHLY questionable. Sounds

    HIGHLY questionable. Sounds like 5 guys looking for their few seconds with no proof whatsoever.

    • Exactly. If justice is what

      Exactly. If justice is what they wanted and not fame they would have gone to the police not the gay porn tabloids


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