‘Fire Island’ Actor Zane Phillips on Rejection and Getting Back Up

Zane Phillips has now established himself as one of the promising heartthrobs in Hollywood, but the journey to where he is at present came with a lot of challenges that became a learning curve for him.

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In a recent interview with Men’s Health, the 30-year-old actor looked back on the beginning of his acting career, revealing that he was faced with rejection early on. 


“I remember I got fired from a job in New York. It was this weird low-budget musical movie,” he recalled.

The ‘Fire Island’ star continued,

“You think you know what you do well, and you think that other people can see it, and then suddenly, just as easily, they can take it away.”

He then shared that being fired from a job is the most horrible thing that he can imagine, but having actually experienced it taught him some valuable realizations.


“But it’s good that I learned the most horrible thing I can imagine—being fired from a job—isn’t really that bad. This experience represented [my] first step in coming to understand that success didn’t necessarily come from other people; that my assurance in my talent and my future could come from me,” Phillips expressed.

Moreover, the actor is known for his portrayal of Dex in the 2022 film ‘Fire Island’, as well as for playing the main role of Chad Addison in the LGBTQ+ series ‘Glamorous’, which is available for streaming on Netflix.


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