For Some People Size DOES Matter

A billionaire diamond trader who was undergoing a penis enlargement died earlier this week at a private hospital in Paris. He risked it all for the family jewels. 65-year-old Ehud Arye Laniado was known by his acquaintances to be fixated on his personal appearance. He was also a short man who was constantly obsessed with his height.

Laniado was a self-made man, never having gone to college and starting his career as a masseur at the Hilton hotel in Tel Aviv. The billionaire reportedly owned a $50 million penthouse in Monaco among many other residences, including a fabulous home in Bel Air.

Fox News reports that the Israeli-Belgian mogul died of a heart attack on the operating table when a substance was injected into his penis.

His company, Omega Diamonds, confirmed his death:

Farewell to a visionary businessman. It is with great sadness that we confirm that our founder Ehud Arye Laniado has passed away. After living an exceptional life Ehud will be brought back home to Israel as his final resting place. He will be dearly missed by us all.

This is proof that to some people, size DOES matter, and they’re willing to risk their life for it. Goes to show you that money can’t buy hap-penis.

h/t: Fox News

6 thoughts on “For Some People Size DOES Matter”

  1. Yeah, these people and their

    Yeah, these people and their comments need to lighten up. The "hap-penis" remark was hilarious and if he wasn't so vain about his appearance, he would still be alive.

  2. I agree with Paul Dixon, your

    I agree with Paul Dixon, your tasteless comment was unnecessary and unexpected. I love humor added to editorials but in this case , this man probably contributed to many and has a family.  Life is not  a GLEE moment 24/7.

  3. That last joke? “Hap-penis.”

    That last joke? "Hap-penis." Not funny. In really bad taste. The worst taste actually. The guy died. Show some respect for the dead. What if it were someone you knew and you saw such a joke?

    And any time you have surgery, you risk your life to some extent. He didn't have a heart attack because he was having his penis enlarged. He had it because he was having surgery. 

    • To what extent is it worth it

      To what extent is it worth it to risk your amazing life for getting cosmetic surgery? It certainly was not a life saving procedure, it was purely done because low self esteem and the need to impress others (being a self made billionaire apparently is not impressive enough). Would you also condone bulimics for it or ask them to seek professional help?

      in any case, get a grip, you can joke about it, life is not so serious.


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