Formerly Gay Gospel Singer Is Having A Hard Time Dating The Ladies

Three-time Grammy Award winning Gospel Singer, the formerly gay Donnie McClurkin says that he will probably end up alone because he doesn’t know how to be in a relationship with a woman. Despite McClurkin’s claims of “reversing his gay orientation”, with the help of will power and prayer – the Reigning King of Urban Gospel says he just doesn’t know what women want.

“I didn’t know how to have the relationship. I didn’t know, really, what a woman wanted…I didn’t know how to do this.”

In a 2002 article, the 61 year old famed gospel singer wrote that because of incidents of childhood molestation and pornography, he turned “gay”. But through his claims, he was able to overcome that “curse” – through god and prayer. Since then, he has condemned homosexuality and says if the power of prayer worked for him in reversing his gay, it can work for others too. The controversial remarks did land McClurkin in hot water, resulting in cancellations of tour dates and performances.

It was reported in 2016 that McClurkin was dating fellow gospel singer, Nicole C. Mullen. The two were even quoted as saying they were on the road to marriage. But there have been no sightings of the two together in recent times.

“My past relationships are a sprinkling of everything, men and women. I don’t know how to do this…I’ll probably be alone for the rest of my life as far as a mate is concerned.”

McClurkin is featured on the upcoming episode of TV One’s Uncensored, where he discusses his career, sexuality and dating life.  

Do you Donnie McClurkin is suppressing his sexuality or did the power of prayer really help him overcome his “gay curse?”

Images from Donnie McClurkin’s Instagram account @donmac6453, Christian Lantry, and Earl Gibson III.

11 thoughts on “Formerly Gay Gospel Singer Is Having A Hard Time Dating The Ladies”

  1. Leave Donnie Alone. God Delivers it not necessarily he yearning for a man. It sad when your first experience is a man. It messes you up for life. God made Adam and Eve not Stephen and Peter.

  2. Judge ye not! That’s what all of the Christians are doing, judging. His heart and soul wants a man but because of this condemning society he can’t be happy and make money. If he wouldn’t be judged he would be freely who he wants to be. Yet he has to suppress who he is in order to survive.

  3. It’s sad that someone will have to be alone forever because of his faith. A book written by men from the view of men. Homosexuality has been an issue since the beginning of time….once we accept the fact that it isn’t a “choice” or u can’t pray it away then the healing will start. A person should not have to live a life of continuous pain and loneliness because of the rules written in a book by a man.

  4. It very selfish for a 61-year-old to want to start a family that he will likely be unable to raise. Also, doesn’t he already have a son and an adopted daughter?

  5. Donnie’s music has been a great blessing! Christian singles don’t have to give an explanation about why they are not married just as Christian married people don’t have to explain why they married. I believe in the power of God and it’s not too late for him to marry if he chooses. Just communicate with her.

  6. I pray God in His infinite Mercy permanently set you free Donnie Mc. Your heart is desiring it and it shall be fulfilled in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen. You will start knowing how to have relationship with a Lady and get married. You will be set free permanently forever. My heart yearns for you because am a mother of a young man that had similar experience like yours when he was around 7 years and I’m believing for his total deliverance in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen

  7. Self-denial and self-control are the first tenets of the The Lord’s teaching.
    It is called “Renewal of mind” and “subduing fleshly desires”.

    Indeed, without self-control we cannot live the life Christ calls us to.


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