Fourth Grade Girl Forced to Change Her LGBTQ Rights Essay by Principal

Personally, I think that it's nice and paints a hopeful picture of the future when children recognize the need for LGBT equality. Many people do not think that it's such a good thing, however, which can be seen when a fourth grader at Anderson Mill Elementary School in South Carolina had to write an essay about society. Given the open-ended nature of the topic, she decided to write about LGBTQ equality, which was apparently too much for the school principal, Elizabeth Foster, who said that discussing such things would be inappropriate, reports the Charlotte Observer

According to a lawsuit that the girl's mother, Hannah Robinson, filed against Spartanburg County School District No. 6, Anderson Mill Elementary School and Foster, Foster, who seemingly doesn't understand irony, forced the student to change her essay to be about bullying because she feels that it's "not age-appropriate to discuss transgenders, lesbians, and drag queens outside of the home” and that the essay, which would have been combined with others in a booklet, would "make other parents upset." Cynthia Robinson, the school district's spokeswoman says that the claims in the lawsuit are inaccurate and that the school is dedicated to treating every student equally and with respect. 

The girl's maternal grandfather is openly gay and is active in the LGBTQ community and that he and Robinson are both advocates for LGBTQ rights, and it seems that Robinson's daughter also supports the same. In her essay, she wrote “I don’t know if you know this but peoples view on Tran’s genders is an issue. People think that men should not drees [sic] like a women [sic], and saying mean things. They think that they are choosing the wrong thing in life. In the world people can choose who they want.” 

According to the lawsuit, the girl is now afraid of the principal who allegedly harassed the student's mother, who is seeking to “recover compensatory damages for emotional pain and suffering” because her daughter is allegedly afraid of her principal and forcing her to change her essay caused emotional distress.

Regardless of whether or not the claims in the lawsuit are inaccurate, the fact still stands that the student's essay on LGBTQ equality had to be changed to a different topic, even though, as you've read above, the essay is completely innocuous and is not seeking to offend anyone. I hope that this incident doesn't cause the student to stray away from advocating for equal rights, but judging by her family background, I doubt that that will be the case.   

h/t: Charlotte Observer

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