France’s Gabriel Attal on Historic Win As a Gay Prime Minister

Gabriel Attal made history as France’s first publicly gay prime minister after French President Emmanuel Macron appointed him on January 9.

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On January 30, the 34-year-old Prime Minister addressed the National Assembly in Paris for the first time, noting that France “is moving and mindsets are evolving” with regards to LGBTQ+ issues, and his appointment in his current position is proof.


“[France was] tearing itself apart just 10 years ago over same-sex marriage,” he recalled, then continued:

“Being French in 2024 means… being able to be prime minister and openly gay.”

According to Barron’s, “it was the first time the prime minister has referenced his sexual orientation so directly since his installation earlier this month.” Not to mention, the outlet mentioned that Attal’s appointment as a prime minister is considered by LGBTQ+ groups as “a powerful symbol.”

Aside from being the first publicly gay prime minister of France, he is also the country’s youngest-ever prime minister. More than a decade ago, Attal was an intern in the health ministry, which marked the beginning of his political career.

From July 2023 to January 2024, he also served as the minister of national education and youth. Moreover, Attal is a member of French President Macron’s liberal and centrist political party Renaissance.


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