FRC Says Anti-Discrimination Laws Turn People Gay

I've written about the Family Research Council and their bigoted views before and every time I read about them, I can't help but be surprised that some people actually think the way that members of the FRC do. So it's no surprise that they released their "research" that says that anti-discrimination laws turn straight people gay, and, as such, sexual orientation and gender identity should not be protected categories, according to LGBTQ Nation

Peter Sprigg, the Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the FRC, recently released a conservative document that uses "research" to show that laws that prevent discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity actually turn people gay. In this document, the HRC recycles old theories and incorrect statements such as men will use the laws to harass and assault women in public restrooms (which has been proven to be made up) and that LGBTQ discrimination is not common.

Sprigg mentions in the letter that he agrees with anti-discrimination laws that have to do with "race, color, national origin, sex, and religion" as he recognizes that the first four are innate parts of one's being and that freedom of religion is protected under the First Amendment. He disagrees that sexual orientation and gender identity are not innate because they were never proven to be (conversely, the opposite also hasn't been proven) and that homosexual conduct and expressing oneself as the gender that's opposite their sex are choices and "carry a substantial risk of harm to the LGBT individual and cost to society at large."

He says that anti-discrimination increase government interference in the free market, as they "substitute the judgment of government officials in place of the judgment normally exercised by private businesses and 
organizations regarding what qualities or characteristics are most relevant to a particular job and how 
those private organizations wish to operate." Translation: it gets in the way of companies refusing to serve or hire gay people on the basis of their sexuality.

Sprigg also argues against anti-discrimination laws based on the fact that when they are in place, "disgruntled employees" may sue companies over discrimination and "disgruntled customers" may sue businesses in the wedding industry for refusing to participate in same-sex weddings.

There are more points in the letter that are too ridiculous to repeat but you can read more about it here. He concludes the letter by saying "the law is a teacher, and it is fundamentally unloving to 'teach' our neighbors that they will find happiness by engaging in unnatural sexual conduct or by adopting a gender identity 
inconsistent with their biology and genetics." I have yet to come across any laws that even hint at saying "It would be great if you were to have sex with someone of your same gender" or "it's fantastic to express yourself as the gender that doesn't match your biological sex." What the anti-discrimination laws really try to achieve is a more balanced society in which people can't get fired or denied service for being gay.

But with most of these ridiculous letters, the writer is purposely misinterpreting facts so that they can write something to fit their agenda.

h/c:, LGBTQ Nation

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