French President Macron: My Former Bodyguard “Is Not My Lover”


Why is it when a man is good-looking and successful, the gay rumor has to come out?


French President Emmanuel Macron has now had to deny (for the second time) that he’s not gay after his hunky now-former head of security was fired due to a scandal about police violence.

Alexandre Benalla was fired recently after video surfaced of him taking part in a rough beatdown involving protesters earlier this year.

The issue came to a head when French publication Le Monde identified Benalla in video on July 18.




Newspapers began to publish unconfirmed reports that Benalla was living in a large, luxury apartment for free, and was receiving a huge $140,000 a year salary.

After firing Benalla, Macron assured members of his own En Marche party that Benalla never had his country’s nuclear codes.

As GayStarNews reports, Macron began a 30 minute address to his colleagues about the firing by saying, “Alexandre Benalla has never had the nuclear codes; Alexandre Benalla never lived in a 300 square-meter apartment in Alma; Alexandre Benalla has never earned 10,000 euros.”


That was followed immediately by a light-hearted, “Alexandre Benalla is not my lover.”

The 40-year-old French president also took responsibility for Benalla’s actions in the video saying, “What happened on May 1 is terrible, serious and, for me, it was a disappointment and a betrayal.”

Maybe the gay rumors began because both men are very attractive and masculine, but it comes across as homophobic.

Last year, Macron was forced to address rumors of an affair with another hottie, Mathieu Gallet, president of Radio France.


Macron has been married to his wife, Brigitte, for 11 years. Their 24 year age difference has proven to be a point of fascination for some.

(h/t GayStarNews)

(lead image photo credit: Finnish Government/Flickr– CC license – image cropped)

4 thoughts on “French President Macron: My Former Bodyguard “Is Not My Lover””

  1. “…has now had to deny (for

    "…has now had to deny (for the second time) that he’s not gay"  In other words, he confirmed that he's gay????  

    And I agree with Greg. How does denial of being in a relationship with another man "come across as homophobic?" 

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