Friends Kicked Out of Uber for Being Gay

A man and his friend were recently kicked out of an Uber in Sydney, Australia after his friend kissed him on the forehead during the car ride, according to MSN.

As Aaron Brown and his friend Ryan Ottey were catching a ride back to Aaron's house, Ryan kissed him on the forehead which prompted the Uber driver to say to them: "Not in my car, I'm not driving you anymore, get out of my car."

Brown and Ottey were shocked at this reaction and asked the driver if he was joking. The driver commented that he wasn't joking and that he can't drive them anymore. 

After hearing about the encounter, Uber offered an apology and said that "This isn't the regular Uber experience, and you shouldn't have to put up with this kinkind if inappropriate behavior" and that they will be looking into the incident and take necessary steps to ensure that something like this doesn't happen again. According to Uber policy, driver-partners may have their access removed if they behave inappropriately. Uber also offered to refund the trip. 

A spokeswoman for Uber said that the company "does not tolerate any form of discrimination but unfortunately it does happen. If something as innocuous as a kiss on the forehead is enough to set someone off, they really shouldn't have a job that deals with people.

h/t: MSN

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  1. I drive for uber and I’ll

    I drive for uber and I'll pick up hot guys and watch them kiss anytime!! lol….but seriously…so the discrimination was unacceptable because if was an innocuous kiss on the forehead….but a kiss on the mouth would have been….?????


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