Gay Catholic High-School Coach Keeps His Job?!?

St. Mary High School, a Catholic school in Dell Rapids, S.D., has decided NOT to fire openly gay volleyball coach Nate Alfson. You may recall Nate came out publicly last week. You may recall we also said "Catholic," and he still kept his gig! Who knew?

In an email to Outsports regarding his meeting with shool officials, Nate wrote, "We talked about being on the same page as each other and that they were willing to walk through this with me and support me. They want me to be their volleyball coach again and that I was a great role model to the athletes."

Nate added, "The support has been amazing and I can't wait to live a free life!" He also coaches a club baseball team featuring various athletes from the school.

Plenty of coaches have been fired by Christian universities and high schools once they've come out as gay. If you'd like to congratulate St. Mary High School on being loving, open-minded–and intelligent–enough to buck that trend, feel free to click here for how to do that.

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