Gay Couple Opens Up About Abusive Neighbor

Michael Killackey and his partner detailed the specifics of the abuse they suffered from a neighbor for years when the abusive woman lived next to them in their home in Derby, England, according to Pink News.

Killackey recalled such abusive incidences such as the  woman giving him and his partner a letter that said "The cure to AIDS? Kill gay people," being called a pedophile, being spat at, having sex workers sent to their house, and even having their door coated with feces. Additionally, their neighbor once called for seventeen different takeout deliveries.


Killackey attempted to get the police involved but his complaints were constantly ignored. He lamented that the abuse that was going on for six years took a toll on his mental health and that he frequently felt alone while it was occurring. He also commented that the police "just don't deal with it." Killackey said that the abuse only stopped when his neighbor moved away from them.

However, thanks to Derbyshire LGBT+, Killackey is starting to feel better. Rich Buxton, the Inspector of the Derbyshire Police, spoke at the event and commented – although he was not familiar with Michael's case – that the way it was handled was "disappointing" and that it could have been handled "far better." 

Luckily, the UK government announced that they will increase funding to aid victims of hate crimes, improve responses from authorities, and implement a national education program to combat hate crimes.

I wonder what goes through someone's mind when they decorate another person's property with literal human waste… probably a lot of unjustified hatred. It's good that their neighbor moved away, but what she did was truly unjust and horrible. 



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  1. The Derbyshire police should

    The Derbyshire police should track down this woman, arrest her and lock her up and throw away the keys

  2. I had vagrants shit diarrhea

    I had vagrants shit diarrhea on my door in San Francisco. Shit is the result of alleged "progressive" politics also. In fact San Francisco is covered in human shit and it does not seem to be a problem at all here. It's now consider quite acceptable.


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