Gay Dancer Turned Away From A London Club For Wearing HIgh-Heels

Image via Pink News

A gay man was denied entry into a London gay club because he was wearing heels.

According to QNews, 33-year-old Pavel Vacek says he was surprised when a bouncer told him he couldn’t enter the XXL London club.

“I’ve been to XXL before, so I was quite surprised,” he said. “They say on the website that it’s a bear club, but you see all kinds of guys there – twinks, young guys, older guys – anyone.”

As a member of the Gay Men Dance Company, Pavel has been wearing high-heels in order to prepare for an upcoming performance. He thought, why not practice while enjoying himself during a night out.

Image via Pink News

“It was only my second or third time wearing the boots because I don’t have many places to wear them, and I thought, ‘why not?’ Where else should I take them other than a gay club?” said Vacek to Pink News.

“It shouldn’t be about what you wear. That doesn’t define you. If you feel comfortable wearing high-heels or pink, if you feel good and you don’t hurt anyone, what’s the problem?” he said.

That said, his night wasn’t ruined by the XXL London bouncer. Vacek says that he and friends went to a different gay club where he acquired many fans of his heels.

“People were admiring me and everybody loved the shoes,” he said.

h/t: QNews, Pink News

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  1. I don’t understand the drama

    I don't understand the drama over Pavel. Where he not allowed due to his high heels, or due to the previous claims by customers of XXL of fat-shaming? 


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