Gay Influencer Couple Scrambling After Instagram Deleted Their Account

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Why was Matthew Olshefski and Paul Castle’s Instagram account taken down? The couple suspect homophobia may be at play.

Matthew Olshefski is known on the internet for paying songs on his violin while shirtless. As such, he’s become known as the shirtless violinist. But together with husband Paul Castle, Olshefski has gotten more intimate with fans by sharing moments of their life and creating LGBTQ representation on social media. Together, the two had 100,000 Instagram followers, 150,000 TikTok followers, 200,000 Facebook followers, and more.

But according to the couple in a talk with the Los Angeles Blade, their joint account was disabled. Unfortunately, a removed account is near impossible to get back on Instagram. That’s because the company, owned by Facebook, rarely engages in discourse over terminated accounts. Matthew and Paul found this out the hard way.

On December 20, Matthew and Paul found out that their account had been terminated for violating Instagram’s terms of use. And the violation in question? Pretending to be someone else.

“We want answers, but more importantly, we want to get back to what we were doing, being our most authentic selves,” Olshefski explained.

Since then, the couple have attempted to reacquire their joint Instagram account. They sent a photo identification and waited for a responding email. That email never came.

“While we waited for the email, we did some research online and discovered people in similar situations waited over 2 months to hear back from Instagram” Matthew added, “and others never heard back at all.”

Despite the couple, their fans, and some news sites reaching out to Instagram, there has been no word from the company about the account. Meanwhile, Paul and Matthew are wishing to just get back to work.

“We love bringing this kind of content to the world,” noted Castle. “But it’s more than just a bunch of pictures and posts; it’s a message of equality and representation in a world where homophobia still thrives.”

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  1. This is total bullshit Mr. Castle and Mr. Olshefski had violated multiple of Instagram’s community guidelines that is what got there Instagram account taken down, it had nothing to do with them being Gay, I have a friend who worked for Instagram before everything changed and they said the couple had done many things that offended Instagram but the final straw was when Mr.Olshefski and done and Instagram story when Mr. Castle was in the hospital when they thought he had Covid, so Mr.Olshefski asked people to send get well wishes and he would post everyone’s messages, well when going through the replies one user had noticed that his message was not there so when the user kept checking to see if his message was posted it wasn’t ever on the list, Instagram saw this Instagram story and when they noticed that one of the user’s that had sent a message thought the Instagram stories was not included there account got suspended for excluding a user’s well wishes to Mr. Castle, it was never about homophobia or Anti-LGBTQ activities targeting Mr.Olshefski and Mr. Castle’s Instagram account it was the result of there own actions.


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