Gay Man Wins Lawsuit Against Jerusalem Pizzeria

A gay man in Israel won a lawsuit against a Jerusalem pizzeria that refused service and kicked him out because he is gay, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Last year, Sammy Kanter and a group of his friends wanted a quick bite to eat and decided to stop by Ben Yehuda Pizza. They entered the pizzeria and as they were handed menus, an employee approached Kanter, who was wearing a pride t-shirt, and asked if he was gay. Kanter responded honestly and affirmed that he is in fact gay and the employee told him and his friends to get out. They left the place and another employee followed them out for one block. 

Hurt by this encounter, Kanter filed a lawsuit against the pizzeria seeking 50,000 Israel shekels, about $14,000, in damages. He received 16,000 shekels, which is approximately $4,500.

Kanter's friend urged people on a Facebook post to boycott Ben Yehuda Pizzeria over the incident. 

I can't claim to be a scholar in Israeli policy but I do know that it's wrong to refuse service to people based on their sexuality. I'm glad that Kanter won the lawsuit, but it's sad that it had to be filed in the first place.

h/t: The Jerusalem Post

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