‘Gay of Thrones’ Fan? Creator Gives Us ‘Gay Of Everything.’


Most of us were introduced to Jonathan Van Ness via Funny or Die during his hilarious recaps of HBO's Game of Thrones.  Each week Van Ness would summarize that week's GoT episode in his own way.  His Gay of Thrones videos were something to look forward to. 

Now Van Ness will be trying his hand at commenting on everything.

Gay Of Everything is a new bi-monthly series that will see the comedian cover topics from television shows to politics, but don’t worry, he’ll still be presenting Gay Of Thrones when the show returns to our screens next year.

He told Out magazine: “I have been waiting for the perfect thing to recap when I realised, everything is perfect to recap.” – gaytimes.co.uk

Watch below in his first GoE where he tackles, the John Snow poster, the Middle East, Planned Parenthood, gun control and other topics.





Will you be a fan of the Gay of Everything? 

Or will you just wait until the new Gay of Thrones return in April?

If you haven't seen Gay of Thrones, click on over to Funny or Die here.  Happy binge watching.

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  1. The same old tired stereotype

    The same old tired stereotype still in 2015. It is not funny anymore depicting homosexual men the same way all the time.

    There is much more among homosexual men apart from the stereotype but people seem unable to acknowledge diversity.


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