Gay Polymath Alan Turing Named Greatest Person of the 20th Century

Alan Turing, known as the Father of the Modern Computer, has been recently named the greatest person of the 20th century during BBC's Two Icons broadcast, according to Gay Star News.

In addition to laying down the groundwork for the computer, Turing was also instrumental in cracking the Nazi codes during World War II and as a result shortened the war. Nick Robinson, the presenter of the broadcast mentioned that Turing was very private and received very little credit for cracking the Nazi codes.

Despite being the man who invented the computer in conjunction to being a war hero, Turing lived the later years of his life as a criminal, as homosexuality was illegal in England in the past. Turing had the choice to either be imprisoned or get chemically castrated and undergo reparative therapy.

He chose the latter.

Because of the castration and faux therapy, Alan Turing tragically took his own life at the age of 41.

Turing was a genius, war hero, and inventor but he was perceived as a criminal because he was attracted to other men. Things have gotten a lot better, considering Turing was pardoned posthumously in 2013 by Queen Elizabeth II. It is great that he was recognized as the great person he was, but he should not have had to choose either imprisonment or castration just for being attracted to people of the same sex. 

Regardless, I'm glad he's getting the recognition he deserves.

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