Gay Singer May Be Sent to Death Over His Sexuality

Mohsen Lorestani, a Kurdish singer was accused of being gay and could be executed because of Iranian law. Image via Facebook

A famous Kurdish singer may be sentenced to death over rumors of being gay because Iranian law dictates that an appropriate punishment for homosexuality is execution, reports Jerusalem Post.

Mohsen Lorestani’s actual charges are “corruption on Earth” for posting “immoral” content on the internet, which I guess is a convoluted and homophobic way of saying that he was… using the internet as a gay person. However, not everyone agrees with this charge. A Green Party member and LGBT activist called the death sentence for homosexuality a “perversion” and that it is now time to outlaw such a punishment. This definitely does have to change, but with countries that have such a strong religious influence, it may be difficult to do so anytime soon. 

Because of Iran’s anti-gay laws, a man was hanged this January for having sex with another man and he is hardly the only person to suffer this same fate. Since 1978, approximately 4,000 to 6,000 people have been hanged since the Islamic Revolution. If that wasn’t bad enough, a gay nineteen-year-old was hanged in 2016, which was the first confirmed execution of a juvenile in Iran. 

Unfortunately, Iran is only one of thirteen different countries that punish for people being gay. The fact that there’s a death penalty for homosexuality is grossly infelicitous and a travesty for anyone who believes in equality and basic human decency. It is always rough to hear that someone is going to be literally killed for living their lives, and it’s tragic that this seems to be a normal thing that people just accept. Luckily, there are people who are trying to combat it; hopefully, these barbaric laws will disappear and people don’t have to fear for their lives. 

Source: Jerusalem Post

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  1. You need to let him live his life the way he wants to that’s his business stop judging that is not your business he should be treated like any other person with respect and love


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