Gay Teen From The Bronx Was Arrested For Murdering His Bully

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A gay teen in the Bronx has been arrested for murder.

Yesterday, on Wednesday, September 27, cops arrested 18-year-old Abel Cedeno, for stabbing two of his fellow classmates.

One of the classmates, Matthew McCree died in the altercation and the other, who’s identity hasn’t been shared, was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

While we wait for Cedeno’s arraignment to happen later today, more information has been flooding towards why this happened in the first place.

Cedeno has shared with police, and they’ve shared with us, that Cedeno was dealing with bullying and that on that specific day the two classmates were throwing pencils and spitballs at him.

“He said he was being harassed but that is about all he said,” explained NYPD Chiefof Detectives Robert Boyce. “It was teasing. He called it harassment, but other students, not these two. And that’s important to point out.”

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But, despite what the police are saying there seems that more to Cedeno's story.

Cedeno’s friends have stated that Cedeno wasn’t just being bullied and was being harassed due to his sexuality and race (albeit, as the police say, most likely not by the two he attacked).

“The kids were calling him a fa***t, calling him a s**c,’ said friend Savannah Hornbeck, 34. “After it had been reported numerous times and there was no reaction from the school, Abel felt (there was) no other way out.”

Family friend Iris Couvertier also spoke on Cedeno's behalf,  “He said that they hit him in the face. He said it’s because he’s gay or bisexual."

But not all of his friends defended him.

“No one should experience bullying but there’s a way to handle it,” added friend Asia Johnson.

Again, we’re still waiting on the arraignment and investigation to continue, but it looks like this might be a high-profile case as even New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is getting involved.

8 thoughts on “Gay Teen From The Bronx Was Arrested For Murdering His Bully”

  1. This is obviously very

    This is obviously very unfortunate, but I'm glad to see a bullied gay teenager finally fighting back instead of committing suicide.  It gives a very different message.

  2. when was the last time

    when was the last time deLoisyo's kids went to public school on a high crime Bronx neighborhood. Come down from the ivory tower and see why certai areas are considered dangerous. Dragons? Monsters? I dont see anyone afraid to walk around Sutton Place at night. If this kid didn't do what he did he'd be dead. Shame

  3. Most people don’t understand

    Most people don't understand until they're bullied themselves.  For some it's either kill or be killed. What about self defense? Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to be picking sides too. Not very professional statements on his part.  Ignorant. 

  4. Is there a GoFundMe to help

    Is there a GoFundMe to help this kid out?  I don't feel a bit sorry for the other two.  If parents raise their kids to be horrible people that bully people, sooner or later they're going to bully someone that fights back.

  5. I support this kid. If the

    I support this kid. If the school did not offer a safe place for him and did not deal with the bullying to were he felt like he hand no other options. I'm glad the one bully is dead and I hope for the other to pass away soon. They got what they deserved for being bullies…

  6. These comments are such

    These comments are such bullshit.  If the school had done their job like they should of this would of never happened.  I say charge the school for the assault n murder as well as the abuse he was receiving from them.  Charge them with neglect n murder.  Maybe then other schools would do their jobs right. 


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