Genital Reconstruction Surgeon Shared Graphic Pictures on Instagram

Transgender and gender nonconforming people are very frequently subjected to harassment and humiliation by various people and apparently their genital reconstruction surgeons can't even be trusted, as one man, Christopher Salgado, posted graphic (and I mean it) pictures of his patients' dissected genitals on his Instagram account that has since been taken down, according to Trans Advocate.

Christopher Salgado was a highly-praised, board certified genital reconstruction surgeon who operated out of Miami, Florida. However, on February 17th, Salgado's Instagram was shared on Facebook in a group of people who had or were seeking phalloplasty. The posts included a picture of a severed penis in the shape of a heart for Valentine's day with the caption "There are many ways to show your LOVE," and a picture of a man who needed jaw reconstruction that included the hashtag #eatingpussy101.

It was then posted to another phalloplasty group and subsequently to the Transgender Professional Association for Transgender Health group, where many people from the three groups commented on the unethical nature of the account. Emails were sent to him, his employer, and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) as a result.

The Dean of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine replied to the emails and said that what he did was disgusting and he will be dealt with  "swiftly and decisively." Two days later, he was fired from his job at the University of Miami and his information was removed from the school's website.

This is not the first time Salgado was caught behaving inappropriately. His patients had large rates of complications to which he did not respond appropriately to and Laura A. Jacobs, a genderqueer psychotherapist recounted an incident during a conference in Amsterdam in which Salgado found out that Jacobs had undergone breast augmentation and pressured her to unbutton her shirt to make her breasts more. He was importunate and wouldn't stop until Jacobs "demanded that he just leave [her] alone and stay away.”

I know a thing or two about HIPAA laws as I worked in the medical field for almost eight years and I know that sharing graphic pictures of your patients' dissected genitals is a huge violation of HIPAA laws and policy. What Salgado did was not only unethical but highly illegal. It's surprising to me that he would go through all that schooling just to completely ignore any common sense and violate several HIPAA laws on social media. I hope he loses his license and barred from even practicing medicine, as he clearly does not have his patients' best interest in mind.

h/t: Trans Advocate 

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