George Michael’s Cause Of Death / Acts Of Kindness & Philanthropy Revealed.

Many people have been posting their praises, memories, favorite songs of the recently deceased George Michael.  Of course, since he's gay, the rumors automatically jump to an AIDS related death.

Singer George Michael Succumbs to HIV/AIDS at 53, at Home in England

Singer George Michael has died at 53. He was undeniably enormously talented, and by all accounts, kind-hearted. He also engaged in anonymous sex in places like public bathrooms, and had not one, but two lovers who died from HIV/AIDS. The singer has long been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and died from its complications.  – Santa Monica Observer


Now I did not know or think that George is / was HIV+ or had AIDS. It has never been proven or announced.  Therefore I'm thinking it is false at this time.  He did suffer from a severe case of pneumonia back in 2011 and many were worried about him. shares with us what it has found as the cause in a post titled "George Michael died alone boyfriend reveals as he battled a secret heroin addiction."


But in recent years the hedonistic lifestyle he became famous for had left the once dashingly handsome pop icon a bloated version of himself.

It can also be revealed that over the past year he is thought to have been battling a spiralling heroin addiction.

A source revealed yesterday that Michael had been treated in hospital for an overdose. 

The source told The Daily Telegraph: “He's been rushed to A&E on several occasions. He used heroin. I think it’s amazing he’s lasted as long as he has.”

Cardiac arrest – the cause of death according to Michael's manager, Michael Lipman  – is common among heroin users. –


You can head over to the Telegraph to hear more about its findings and what Fadi Fawaz, a celebrity hairdresser, who had been in a relationship with George Michael since 2011.



We cannot fault Telegraph for letting us know what actually occurred health wise with George Michael.  We needed to know so rumors would not fly.  took a different approach to covering Michael and shed some light on the charitable acts that he has done over the years. In "Details emerge of George Michael's many quiet acts of kindness," we learn of his philanthropy to those whom helped him as well as complete strangers. Click on images for larger views. 

Your fans will miss you. 

Your loved ones will miss you.

People that didn't even know you will end up missing your kindness.

Safe journey.

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  1. It’s all speculation, does it

    It's all speculation, does it really matter what he died of…Seems to me he was a kind, generous man.

  2. All you are doing is

    All you are doing is speculating! "So and so died from heart failure and they were HIV+ or had AIDS" so ANYONE who died of heart failure must be infected? What a bunch of ignorant gossip mongers! And "Calvin," go back to your cave you caveman, who apparently was a fly living on George Michaels wall and has all the "facts."

  3. LOL! How do you know George

    LOL! How do you know George Michael wasn't HIV-positive? Most so-called gay/ bisexual men are actually heterosexual mainly, until a primarily heterosexual STD came to racist white gay American.

  4. Lol, No more hiding, as his

    Lol, No more hiding, as his death does matter!  George Michael was heterosexual much  longer than he was gay anyway. So your lives always ends tragically, though. 

  5. Eeeewww, if true, it’s so

    Eeeewww, if true, it's so tragic. I wonder if his being heterosexual mainly for most of his life is the cause of his demise. 

  6. Does it matter he’s dead

    Does it matter he's dead whatever the cause, look at his music, legacy and the good he did for people anonymously 

  7. Actually Prince cause of

    Actually Prince cause of death was an Opioid overdose. HIV/AIDS related death is a rumor. Google search had multiple reliable website reporting that it was an overdose according to  coroners report. 

  8. I don’t feel like commenting

    I don't feel like commenting the cause of his death. I just feel like saying that his music made me dance often, made me feel sentiments when I listened to the lyrics. brought joy in my life. Such a gift to receive the joy of good music. Thank you George! Too bad we are killing it (this joy) by downloading free music. They (talented musicians, singers, must be able to live from their jobs! What will are lifes be without music? It's easy to download, free, but we are killing the flow of variety. We are harming our self (selves). Good thing George came into our lives before the download phenome. Rest in peace George and thank you so much for what you have given me.

  9. To clear up your clarity, his

    To clear up your clarity, his heart failure was due to AIDS complications. Alexis Arquette recently died from "heart failure" he / she was living with hiv for 29 years. Prince died from "heart failure" he was positive since the 90s, Pete Burns died from "heart failure" he was full blown as well. One of my best friends lover died last month from "heart failure" he was full blown. CBS did a piece on heart failure yesterday and they said that sudden heart failure is a common attribute to hiv / aids patients. That its uncommon for a healthy individual, particularly at Georges age to die from sudden heart failure and is caused by very few factors. You should go and read the article.


    TO BE CLEAR WHERE THIS ARTICLE LACKS: George Michael was HIV positive – but he did not die of AIDS-related circumstances…. Rather, he died of a heart attack while sleeping. 

  11. I didn’t realize I had lost

    I didn't realize I had lost track of his personal life. I had no clue he was HIV+ let alone had AIDS, although I suspect that might have been kept from the public. He was a big part of my teenage years [as he was with a lot of people I'm sure], I'll miss him.

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