Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate is First to Attend Pride Parade

Stacey Abrams made history by being the first major candidate for Georgia's governorship to attend and participate in the Atlanta Pride Parade, according to US News.

Abrams has been making waves in Georgia and made waves during the pride parade while she rode on top of a white Jeep as people chanted her name. Stacey Abrams, if elected, would be the first black woman in the position of governor.

Her policies include opposition to the religious liberty laws that have become so popular in the US, as she believes (and I do too) that such laws are discriminatory towards LGBTQ individuals and should definitely be opposed. 

Her participation in the pride parade is definitely a good sign, as it shows that politics and politicians are evolving and are becoming more open-minded towards things such as LGBTQ rights. It is my hope that politicians continue to go down this path because it's a good indicator of progress for LGBTQ rights and a sign that our voices are being heard. So get out there and vote!

h/t: USNews

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