Get to Know Openly Gay Fitness Trainer Sam Leicht

Sam Leicht is an actor, singer, fitness trainer, sustainable health coach, as well as an undeniably exceptional athlete.

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Leicht grew up in Kimberly, Wisconsin where he attended Kimberly High School, and competed in their soccer and track & field teams. Thereafter, he studied Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music.


In a 2020 interview with Outsports, Leicht admitted that he wasn’t very good at hiding that he’s gay when he was a teenager, even before coming out.

“My best friends in high school were all soccer players. Did they know? Probably, and they were all chill,” he shared.

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Leicht revealed that his teammates knew about his sexuality because of one incident back when he was in middle school. He was disinvited from trick-or-treating with a group of friends after one of them suspected that he’s gay.


The suspicions about his sexuality followed him in high school, where he was initially ostracized by his teammates until he began excelling in both soccer and track & field. The athlete pointed out,

“You go from being bullied and exiled from the group to leading practices. Once you start doing well, you’re one of the boys.”

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Moreover, he reportedly visited about 100 CrossFit gyms all over the country while touring for a show at the time when he was pursuing a career in theater. At present, Leicht is a sustainable health coach and also the founder of Pridefit, which is an inclusive fitness program.


Not to mention, he tied the knot with partner Jared Reinfeldt on August 19, 2023. Leicht and Reinfeldt seem to be very much happy and in love, and they also share lots of lovely couple content on Instagram.

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Also, here’s a video of Leicht flexing, not only his fit bod, but also his amazing singing voice <3


Can you say GRATUITOUS 😏

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