‘Golden Girls’ Reboot Is In The Works

DROP EVERYTHING! I almost had to write this post from beyond the grave when I heard that a reboot of Golden Girls was in the works! Well—not EXACTLY a reboot of Golden Girls, but a departure from the original idea.

According to writer Stan Zimmerman, the show will be called Silver Foxes and will feature four queer men living together. The show also includes a lesbian power couple that lives next door. Rue McClanahan must be tap dancing in her grave (RIP).

Silver Foxes would be set in sunny Palm Springs, the gay mecca for older queens. Zimmerman has even created a role for Betty White!

Zimmerman said to Fox News

It is not a rumor. James Berg and I did write a pilot script called ‘Silver Foxes.’ It is NOT a reboot of ‘The Golden Girls.’ But it is inspired by the show, a show that we were lucky enough to have written on during the first season of the show.

A reading of the pilot was recently hosted at Zimmerman’s home where Leslie Jordan, George Takei, Bruce Vilanch, and Todd Sherry took part in the reading. No word on if the actors will be attached to the project.

The show is still in pre-production limbo and hopes to get the attention of popular outlets like Hulu, Netflix or Amazon.

Excuse me while I dream about who will be the gay male equivalents of Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose.

3 thoughts on “‘Golden Girls’ Reboot Is In The Works”

  1. it’s really funny. ¬†you’re

    it's really funny.  you're not nathan lane by any chance?  there's a great part….


  2. Love Bruce, Leslie & George..

    Love Bruce, Leslie & George… if they have any input, and with their humor & wit, it will be hysterical!



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