GOP Lawmaker Apologizes for Signing Anti-LGBT Bill After Backlash From Daughter

Ron Highland, a Kansas GOP lawmaker apologizes for signing a bill that contains hateful language towards LGBTQ people after his daughter penned an open letter condemning him for adding his name to it, according to The Hill.

The bill that Highland signed is none other than House Bill 2320, the bill that called same-sex marriages "parody marriages." In the bill, the lawmakers say that Kansas will no longer fund or support "parody marriages" and "disentangle itself from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) secular humanist church." Christel Highland, Ron's daughter was upset that her dad would sign a bill containing such hateful language and wrote an open letter and posted it on Facebook, saying that her father signed a bill that conflicts with what the United States is supposed to be and that "…what is right can never be something that hurts another."

After reading the letter, Highland said that he should have never signed the bill and that he does not condone the hateful language contained within it. But if one reads the bill, they can see that it's all pretty hostile towards LGBT people. Regardless, he asked to have his name removed from the bill and the removal process has already been started.

But did he apologize because he is genuinely sorry that he backed such a hateful bill or did he apologize because he was called out?

h/t:  The Hill, Facebook

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  1. He’s only sorry that his own

    He's only sorry that his own daughter called his racist ass out in public.  Hope he loses his next election and dies a slow torcheris cancer desth


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