GrubHub Proudly Delivers Support For LGBTQ+-Owned Restaurants

In recognition of Pride Month, Grubhub is supporting and celebrating LGBTQ+-owned restaurants in partnership with The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).


Sometimes I can be hard on brands that conveniently break out the rainbows every June for Pride, but then on July 1, they return to their traditional marketing campaigns. On the one hand, it’s great to have visibility, but then, there’s a point where it can be a bit over the top watching brands slapping rainbows and the word “pride” on everything (no shade to Rainbow Pride Oreos). 

Instead of surface-level, gratuitous marketing to the gays every June, thankfully, some brands create more meaningful LGBTQI campaigns focusing on community members. One such campaign I’m really digging right now is a new one from Grubhub that features profiles and shoutouts on LGBTQ+-owned restaurants.

Frescos Cantina, Astoria, New York

As noted by Grubhub, LGBTQ+-owned restaurants have a strong history of connecting people in communities, bringing them together for food and libations, unconditionally no matter who they are


The year-long quarantine has impacted the economy entirely, especially LGBTQ businesses whose owners were are already part of a marginalized group and fewer resources than their heterosexual counterparts.

In a recent statement released by Grubhub, the food delivering giant vowed to support LGBTQ+-owned restaurants and the communities they serve as we navigate through what is hopefully the end of the COVID19 nightmare,

“We’re partnering with NGLCC as our Donate the Change partner for June. Diners will be able to round up their change on their order total and donate the difference with all proceeds supporting NGLCC and LGBTQ+-owned restaurants. As the business voice of the LGBTQ+ community and certifying body for LGBTQ+-owned businesses nationwide, donations from the partnership will fund a new program with NGLCC, providing grants and scholarships to help affected LGBTQ+-owned restaurants and their local chambers recover from the economic effects of COVID-19.”

Grubhub hopes to encourage and celebrate LGBTQ+-owned restaurants and communities across the country as they feature restauranteurs and share their stories in the Grubhub blog. Proving that their campaign efforts are far more tangible than just adding rainbows to their website, the brand further explained, 


“This month, we’re also working with Brooklyn-based illustrator, Xia Gordon, to profile LGBTQ+-owned restaurants from different parts of the country to be published on them, a next-generation community platform that chronicles and celebrates the stories, people, and voices emerging and inspiring us from the lens of today’s LGBTQ+ community.”

Check out two of the featured restaurants below and support LGBTQ+-owned businesses during pride and all year round!



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