Gus Got Peachy On Instagram Again

Credit: Gus Kenworthy Instagram

Gus Kenworthy got bruised on his butt again… and he let the world see it.

By now the Olympic skier with a silver medal in Men’s slopestyle is known for making his fans thirst over social media. And this weekend was no different.


Kenworthy decided to inform fans through his InstaStory that he’s recovering from a bad hit on his butt. And, he wanted to know if they wanted a look at it.

“Ended up with a huge bruise on my ass just in time to fly for 15 hours!” he posted. “Do you wanna see? Y/N”

Photo Credit: Instagram

The response came out as a resounding “YES!” and so the athlete-turned-actor (who appeared in the ninth season of American Horror Story) obliged.


Photo Credit: Instagram