Gus Kenworthy’s Thirst For Celeb’s Nude Pics Took Him To The Clouds

We’ve noticed here at Instinct the almost universal thirst folks can have for discovering celebrity nudes on the internet.

Oh yes, we’re all human when it comes to checking out what our favorite stars’ might have to offer.

And the celebs themselves have the thirst as well.

This weekend woofy out Olympian Gus Kenworthy posted a series of pics to his Instagram showing him deep in thought high above the city of Interlaken, Switzerland.

“Me in the cloud searching for @zacefron’s nudes like…” was the caption accompanied by an inquisitive emoji, a smart phone and cloud.






Me in the cloud searching for @zacefron's nudes like… #stopoverswitzerland

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Yes, kids, the thirst is real.

The post (which was Gus’s 1,000th Instagram post, btw) has garnered almost 80,000 likes in a day.

Besides tons of warnings for Gus to get down from the edge of the railing he was sitting on, most fans pleaded with him to share anything he might find.

“Did you find any? Asking for a friend”

“When you find them, forward my way – I won’t tell”

As well as the to-be-expected requests for his own nude pics:

“Plot twist – release your own”

“Are there any of your own up there?”

“I was just searching for yours…”

Gus has posted high-flying pics before when showing off his travels. You’ve got to love a daredevil:






What's the best part about visiting Switzerland? Well, the flag is a big plus!

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A post shared by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on



In addition to the death defying photos, Kenworthy has also shared his obsession over Zac Efron with his social media followers for some time now.

Earlier this year, after reading a news item where a man claimed a prescription drug turned him gay, the freestyle skier tweeted, “*overnights lyrics to @zacefron*.”



And back in June 2017, after reading a report on Efron describing his first time kissing a guy, Gus offered to “volunteer as a tribute.”



Clearly, Gus has great taste when it comes to celeb crushes.

So we want to know – have you ever spent time looking for your favorite celebrity in the all-together online?

If so – who gets you thirstiest?

(h/t Gay Star News)

6 thoughts on “Gus Kenworthy’s Thirst For Celeb’s Nude Pics Took Him To The Clouds”

  1. I am a fan of Zac…he is a

    I am a fan of Zac…he is a super talented guy that just happens to be great to look at..would not turn down a opportunity to see him nude though…some day maybe..

  2. i once had respect for him .

    i once had respect for him . now no… he trolls men, from ricky martin to shawn mendes you portray the gay community in which everyone thinks we are..and you do it  publicly. seriously you have that beautiful sight o see and your trolling on your cell or at music awards. your thirsty. thats not a compliment. just dissapointed by you.


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