Happy Hump Day – And We Do Mean ‘Hump’

Happy Hump Day! And we do mean ‘Hump.”

Hottie Bryan Hawn (who has entertained us for years) teams up with champion bodybuilder Vlad Parker from Russia to launch a new YouTube series, “BROSCIENCE.” 

In their intro, the duo promises to uncover the science behind how to be a ‘Bro.’

“Whether it’s working out, how to eat right…,” says Hawn, “Or – how to have lots of sex,” adds Parker with a smile.

Totally (tongue-in-cheek) bro-tastic. And totally NSFW.

In this Christmas edition, sexy Santas Hawn and Parker share their tips and expertise in how to give a lap dance.

“Whether you’re a guy or a girl, gay or straight, here are some sexy moves to spice up your holiday,” promises Hawn.

Along the way, they fill our stockings with care and spread some yule log love around.

Set to a bombastic version of “Carol of the Bells,” the guys get right into their groove. And each other's.

Hit the play button (again – NSFW) and enjoy the holiday cheer.



You can follow Bryan Hawn on Instagram at @BryanHawnOfficial and Vlad Parker at @Vlad_IFBB.

5 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day – And We Do Mean ‘Hump’”

  1. Bryan Hawn is everything

    Bryan Hawn is everything thing wrong with the gay community. Recently he posted on Instagram shaming couples with open relationships. When I called him out for his judgement I was blocked from his account. Sure can dish it out but is both a chicken and a baby when it comes to taking it. Also for the record people who have to justify their happiness by tearing down others are probably not as "happy" as their insta says. 

  2. so hot!

    so hot!

    They started posting stuff together on their only fans too

    There's a video of them in the shower that I literally jacked off too like 10 times


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