HBO Max Drops the Official Trailer of Dan Levy’s ‘The Big Brunch’

HBO Max recently dropped the official trailer of Dan Levy’s ‘The Big Brunch,’ and it looks like we’ll be craving for more brunch menus than usual.


The upcoming cooking competition is created by the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ actor, and he will be hosting it as well, alongside experts restaurateur Will Guidara and chef Sohla El-Waylly. ‘The Big Brunch’ will feature 10 chefs who will compete for a prize of $300,000 to make their business dreams come true.

Aside from the show being centered on the idea of brunch being a meal that gathers people together, it seems like the chefs will also be sharing their heartwarming stories about their journey as a chef, as well as their future aspirations.

In the trailer, Levy in voiceover described brunch as:

“The ultimate connector. The perfect convergence of food, comfort, and friendship.”


The first three episodes of ‘The Big Brunch’ is scheduled to be released on November 10, which means we have another cooking show to get hooked with before ‘The Great British Baking Show’ even ends. 

Not to mention that ‘The Big Brunch’ will be releasing three more episodes on November 17, and the final two on Thanksgiving. Talk about a warm and cozy watch perfect for the holiday season. <3


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