Here We Go Again; Cher Is Recording A Second Album Of ABBA Covers; The Potential Tracklisting Has Arrived

From the moment she glided down the steps to the strains of the classic “Fernando”, the ABBA-cover era of Cher’s career had begun. Subsequently, the album Dancing Queen was filled with ABBA classics that Cher put her own signature spin on.

From “The Name Of The Game” to “Waterloo”, Cher put her golden touch on so many ABBA classics, it was almost too much to hope for when we heard rumblings that she would be doing a second album featuring all ABBA covers, but that is exactly what is happening, based on the tweet below. She even mentioned two songs that she is actively working on now..


In November of 2018, Cher took to Twitter to let fans know what songs might be included on the tracklist “if” she would be doing a Dancing Queen Vol. 2 and the below mentioned “Voulez Vouz” is definitely mentioned.

Could 2020 be the year we see Cher do iconic classics like “Money Money Money” & “I Have A Dream”? One can only hope…

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