Herpes Is On The Rise In California After Coachella

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I Guess It Really Is A Truly Unforgettable Weekend Afterall?

Coachella, a music festival in California that has been made obscenely popular by social media, not only promises an abundance of Instagrammable moments and scenery, but also provides the opportunity for regular everyday people like you and me to run into a Kardashian to take a selfie with. (Side note: You’ll see a Real Housewife, or Vanessa Hudgens, at best). The LGBTQ community has been popping off on this year’s Coachella bringing us public gay sex on a Ferris Wheel, Aaron Schock partying with gays, and the owner’s being homophobic. But, there is still more drama in the aftermath of Instagram’s favorite spring festival.


According to The Hollywood Unlocked, a spike in herpes diagnoses have occurred after Coachella. Perhaps the men in the viral Ferris Wheel video should get checked out? From April 12th to April 21st, the two-week span of the festival, there were reportedly 1,105 new cases of herpes in southern California. The data was released by HerpAlert, a website that allows users to get a digital diagnosis and prescriptions. Umm…yikes!

Maybe we shouldn’t be sleeping with random people we meet at festivals. But, in general everyone should be more cautious with their health. But still, this information gave me severe goosebumps! Glad I didn’t go!

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2 thoughts on “Herpes Is On The Rise In California After Coachella”

  1. This story doesn’t really show that the uptick in herpes in Southern California has anything to do with Coachella, not to mention that it doesn’t mention any figures regarding Coachella attendees who were/are not from Southern California. It seems like nothing more than click bait.


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