His Star Is On The Rise, And We Got To Know Him Better

With a maturity well beyond his 29 years, our latest Hottie of the Week might work in the spotlight but is actually quite shy and introverted. (the cute ones always are!) Mohammad Vahidy grew up in Connecticut but calls San Francisco home. By day he is a design consultant for a home improvement company. By night he is DJ Mohammad, spinning in cities around the country including Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. He got his start six years ago at a local bar getting to play music for just one hour every month. Hardworking and ambitious he now headlines events and parties. Most recently he blew the roof off of Club HK in NYC this past weekend.

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Friends describe him as fiercely loyal and say he would do anything to protect them. In his own words, he describes himself as having,

“a lot of acquaintances but a very small group of close friends. I’m very easy going and easy to get along with. I like to think I’m very approachable. Although, it takes a lot for me to open up to people and show them a more vulnerable side of me. It takes a very special person to get to the core of who I am. I just hope I’m worth the effort.”  

When he is not working you can find him hiking with his dog Aggie, or enjoying a night at home watching supernatural horror movies. Travelling is one of his passions as is skiing in Lake Tahoe. We gave him our “Hottie of the Week” questionnaire to get to know more about this hunky millennial. {Oh, and by the way, he definitely is worth the effort!}


Name: Mohammad D Vahidy

Age: 29


Website/Social Media Handles: djmohammadsf (Instagram) mohammad.dv.5 (Facebook)

Where do you call home? San Francisco is currently home

What do you think is the most attractive part of yourself? I would have to say I think my smile is the most attractive part of myself. I love to flash a smile so it’s also very important to me.

What do you find you are complimented on you the most? Oddly enough, I get a lot of compliments on my nose. Growing up, I used to absolutely hate my nose. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate it and so do the men!


What, to you, defines sexy?  A perfect combination of confidence and humility. And goofiness is the icing on the cake! There is something about an innocent silliness that I find so incredibly sexy. From a physical standpoint, I’m a sucker for a big chest and nice beard!

What is your proudest moment so far in your life? I would have to say my proudest moment in life was fighting through this pandemic. I was at an all time low and rather than giving up, I fought harder than I ever have and it’s paid off for me big time. I’m proud of how I was able to rise up and conquer in the face of major adversity.


What haven’t you accomplished, personally or professionally, that you are wanting to do in the next 2-3 years? Personally, my next big goal is to purchase a home. There’s nothing more that I want than a place to call my own. I’d also love for my dog Aggie to have a backyard to enjoy. Professionally, I’d love to DJ outside of the US. Mexico and many places in Europe come to mind. I hope to accomplish that within the next couple years.

Have you found love? If so, what is the best part of your relationship and what do you love most in your partner(s)? If not, what do you look for in the ideal relationship? I have not found love just yet, but I have met someone who has piqued my interest in the best kind of way. What I look for in an ideal relationship is a well-rounded individual that takes their career and relationships seriously, but also knows how to let loose and have fun. Someone who is stable, affectionate, humorous, and honest. I strongly believe the person I’ve met has these qualities and I am incredibly excited to see where things go from here. It’s very new and very exciting. Let the adventure begin!  



*What is your all-time favorite movie? Gladiator with Rusell Crowe! Besides being in love with Russell in that movie, I loved the story. I cry every time.

*Who is your biggest celebrity crush?  Russell Crowe was my biggest celebrity crush when Gladiator came out. It was then that I realized I like men! Nowadays I would have to say Liev Schreiber for his sexy, rugged looks and Paul Rudd for his handsomeness and humor.

*What is your favorite cheat meal/snack? Call me basic, but my favorite cheat meal is a Chipotle burrito bowl! I could probably eat it every day.


If you were stuck on an island for eternity, what music album would you want to have with you? This is such a hard one. I love so many different types of music and genres. But I have been obsessed with Years & Years’ album “Palo Santo” for a few years so I’d be very happy with that one.

*What does it mean to be featured as our Instinct hottie? It is definitely a big honor for me! Out of the many, many hot & beautiful men out there, it feels incredibly special to be featured. I can’t thank Instinct Magazine enough for this opportunity.


*Anything else you would like to share with the Instinct readers? I hope your readers enjoyed learning a little about me and I appreciate them taking the time to learn about me! Follow me on Soundcloud for music

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