Historic Number of LGBTQ People Run for Congress

Historically, the number of openly LGBTQ people running for a position within the US government has been low. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Jared Polis of Colorado, and Barney Frank of Massachusetts are openly LGBTQ politicians that immediately come to mind. While electing openly gay and lesbian people is an incredible feat, if one considers the amount of non-LGBTQ politicians in America, this accomplish is still rather small. However, things may change as over 200 openly LGBTQ people are running for positions in Congress.


Due to the increase in social acceptance of LGBTQ people, many who are on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer spectrum are having their voices heard as they run for US governmental positions. This is most assuredly a great sign for the LGBTQ community as we are getting out there and attempting positive change from within as well as on the outside.

As of today, 244 openly LGBTQ candidates have advanced onto a ballot in November, with more women running than men. Women have also been historically underrepresented in government, so this may also affect positive change. Currently there are 576 openly LGBTQ elected officials, accounting for a staggering 0.1% of all elected positions in the US. Openly LGBTQ candidates are doing their part by running for Congress to achieve equality in regards to sexuality as LGBTQ people are seriously underrepresented in Congress. It is my hope that these LGBTQ candidates succeed (as long as they have policies that can benefit this country) and that people perform their civic duty in November and vote.

h/t: nytimes.com

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