Homophobic Ex-Gov of Virginia Moves In With Gay Priest

 This story is so effed up we need to walk ourselves through it.

Remember when ex-governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, proved his gay-hating status by signing an executive order stripping state employees of anti-discrimination protections, defending the state’s ban on adoption by gay parents, and calling the state’s ban on marriage equality “the right decision?” (Good times!) Well, now he's living with a priest who got arrested for having sex in public with another man.

Not that there's anything wrong with that…except there is.

See, this priest, Wayne Ball (gotta love that name) was arrested in 2002 when he was caught with his little pope hat sticking out of his cassock in a car with another man in a Virginia cruising area. He plead guilty and the Catholic church did what it always does–disciplined and fired him. Kidding! They moved him to another church. (Not kidding.)  Meanwhile ex-gov McDonnell and brother Ball have been best buds for years–Ball even officiating at McDonnell's daughters' wedding.

Flash forward to today. Ex-gov McDonnell is on trial for conspiracy and corruption because that's the kind of guy he is. And while on the stand, he's blaming most of his problems on his wife. (Guess that's just part of the sanctity of marriage.)

Naturally, after ripping on his wife (for hours) on the stand he's not going to want to go home to that drama. Soooooooooo……….

Where's a slime bucket proven homophobe to go? Why, he moves in with his good pal, Wayne Ball, the gay priest.

Which brings us to today's question for you: who is more terminally icky here?

* The hypocritical homophobic ex-gov?

*  The handsy closeted self-loathing priest?

We can't decide, but we do want to take a shower.



What do you think?