How Cheyenne Parker Went From ‘Fire Island’ To Puerto Vallarta

Whether making reality television history on Logo as part of the inaugural cast of the all-gay reality show Fire Island or tangling with fellow reality television stars on MTV’s Ex On The Beach, Cheyenne Parker has taken reality television fame and ran with it, even crafting his own clothing line (Maison Parker) in the process.

Now it looks like Parker has moved onto another beachside locale, this time the LGBTQ-frequented destination of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. His road to living on the in Mexican destination spot was not his first visit. Parker told GayPV Magazine “It’s no wonder I wound up living here. I find the people of Puerto Vallarta, and all of Mexico, to be some of the kindest and warmest human beings I’ve ever encountered. Not only is the laughter and energy here extremely magnetic, but I find Puerto Vallarta itself to be extremely majestic,”



The pandemic, as it turns out, is what sparked the turn of events for Parker’s new residence in PV. Parker told GayCities that after after his roommate contracted COVID and let him know (the day Parker was due to return to New York), Parker decided to rent a condo in Mexico for a month, which ended up being two for financial reasons (Parker rented from the owner of PV restaurant Cafe De Artistes). While returning to Los Angeles to his marketing job was not possible, crafting his own luxury concierge service was; Leisure in Life was born.


Offering a myriad of highly trained and educated individuals to offer in-home luxury services, Parker sees it as a natural fit. “Thanks in part to my perfectionistic behavior, I made it the company’s mission to provide travelers with low-cost SAFE luxury services, all the while giving back to the local community and economy here.” he told GAYPV. “When it comes to going out, you are advised to wear your mask at all times. While Mexico has begun to open up, we advise our clients to take every extra precaution they can, including pre-departure COVID-19 testing to ensure not only their safety but the safety of others.”

While Puerto Vallarta has had it’s fair share of press this year for circuit parties that seemed to continue during the pandemic, Parker is not playing into the narrative telling GayCities “I’m not out here singling party tickets for circuit parties and all that. It’s just not right. It’s just not what we do.”.


Parker applauds a community, with almost an entire financial structure being dependent on tourism, as being extremely responsible during the pandemic. “You wouldn’t think that a place with its economy and poverty would have electronic thermometers in every single little bodega and farmacia, and all have masks. They were taking it very seriously. And at that point, it was very early in all this.”

Parker’s intent with his new venture is simple. He told GAYPV “My mission here, and in any business, is to give back to the community it directly benefits from. With each group, we set aside a percentage of revenue, extra food, and donated goods to deliver to those less fortunate in Vallarta. We also only employ locals, most of which were out of a job or about to lose their business, guaranteeing them exclusive contracts to help get them back on their feet and keep their families fed.”

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