How do you celebrate your Sobriety? What Inspires you to change?

Kyle Krieger gives us and himself a celebratory photo shoot.

Besides being visually stimulating, model and hairstylist and former Instinct Covermodel Kyle Krieger is inspirational as well.  The beginning of May marks his 8th year being sober.  Is that important in our community?  In any community?  It most definitely is. 

We've all had our nights of doing too much with the next day finding us proclaiming, "I will never drink again!"  What does that last?  Two, maybe three weeks? And then we are back at it again.  I had a little bit of a scare the other night, when I woke up in my bed and didn't remember how I got home, where my car was, and if I had thrown up or not.  I quickly went outside, setting off the motion sensor ping in the house, and into the driveway to see if my car was there.  My roommates thought I was letting a trick out from last night's festivities, but I was just seeing if the wheels had made it the one mile home from the bars. They had, but I had known that cannot happen again.  No more $2 well drinks for me. Do I have a drinking problem? 

I didn't drink until I was 21, I was in charge of chem free programming for my college for the 4 years I was there, and I attended the 14 hour Bal en Blanc in Montreal, its White Party / Circuit Party.  During that time I had one drink and zero drugs for the 5 hour drive up from Portland, 14 hours of dancing, then another 5 hour drive back to Maine, while others around me were popping all the colors of the rainbow and enjoying the liquid refreshments. 

But then again, I am known as a drinker and people do know me as a drinker.  When your best friend owns a bar and you lived above it for a summer, Memorial Days are never remembered, and you annually find your Halloween Costume in every corner of the club the following morning, you may have a problem or at least a concern. 

This Lent, I decided to give up drinking.  The non practicing Roman Catholic in me said it could be done and would be easy.  I lasted three weeks.  Was there a need to have an alcoholic drink for taste or social reasons?  I am not sure why I stopped. I guess I didn't feel I needed to prove anything to myself anymore, that I could go without and that there are different options. 

Back to Kyle.  I applaud you.  To realize one has a problem and chooses to take on the personal challenge to fix it, we all should applaud you.  It takes a great deal of inner strength, something clearly I didn't have this past Lent.  I lasted about 20 days, you have lasted 2,920 and counting.  We should applaud your support staff as well.  Going sober can be tough, but even tougher on your own. 

Yes, Kyle is inspirational in his fight to remain sober.  Most stories we see in the media today are depressing with negative endings.  We would like to thank you Kyle for sharing something positive with us.  Watch his video below where he talks about the positives in his life and the rewards he gives himself for his accomplishments.  Keep succeeding Kyle for we like to hear you are doing well and we do love your celebratory photo shoots.

Did you have the personal fortitude to change something in your life?  Many of us fight vices like alcohol, cigarettes, sex, food, and others may be lethargic / lazy, depressed, or even suffer from a mental illness.  What positive experiences have you had that you would like to share with fellow Instinct readers?  What have you overcome that you want to tell us?




Kyle mentions that he would love to support you if you need it.  His contact info is …

14 thoughts on “How do you celebrate your Sobriety? What Inspires you to change?”

  1. What makes you feel good is
    What makes you feel good is taking pictures of yourself in underwear? Dear Lord…. Do something for others or something that really matters… Or don’t what do I care. Why am I even wasting my time with this shit… I need to stop watching this site on the toilet

  2. People have had it a lot
    People have had it a lot worse and never had to use substances and then congratulate themselves when they don’t. I travel and try and help people around the world. That is what helps me see life in a more positive light. This guy is pure self absorption and selfishness. Very unattractive

  3. Doesn’t seem as if this guy

    Doesn't seem as if this guy has any brains or personality. His vanity was really unattractive. So selfies is what gives you a purpose in life? How about doing a little more for the world? I found the video hard to watch, really. Life can be hard as a gay man, but using substances to deal with it is a sign of weakness. Sober stories hardly impress me at all.

    • I think this commentor chose

      I think this commentor chose his screen name very appropriately.  I also would have agreed with self centered, ignorant, and hateful.  We choose to leave these comments up here, not to give this "Baby" a soap box, but to show that there are different opinions out there.  It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round.  Unfortunately people like Baby tend to slow us down.

  4. I’ve been out for 6 years,
    I’ve been out for 6 years, and sober for more than 3. it does seem a definitive part of the gay “lifestyle,” but luckily i have the support of many others in recovery, and the common bond makes us stronger. it’s always a struggle after staying drunk for 20+ years. there’s much to overcome. happily, i have more close friends out of the life than otherwise. just finding my pride as a gay man and maintaining the example that i do not have to be alcohol’s bitch!

  5. I agree with Orion.  That’s a

    I agree with Orion.  That's a horrible message to put out there. No wonder our gay stereotypes say we only value looks and body.  It was a good message no matter what he looks like.  

  6. If this guy were unattractive

    If this guy were unattractive and fat, everything about this video would have irritated me. But holy crap, this boy is delicious! So that makes the constant selfies kinda not so bad.

    • You’re the worst kind of

      You're the worst kind of person. Seriously? That's what you think…??? That it's only ok for a person to celebrate an achievement because they're fit? And because you like looking at them? And you feel ok saying that, putting that out into the world?

    • What a sad vain comment.  No

      What a sad vain comment.  No wonder why we/gay people drink.  Shallow and superficial comment and feelings of self worth.


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