How Do You Save A Wedding After Cheating In Isolation?

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We guess not all gay weddings are persevering online.

While couples in the U.S.’s New York are wedding despite the continuing pandemic, one British and Brazilian couple is nearing their breaking point. Specifically, Daily Mail reports that 28-year-old Matt Hillier is considering breaking up with his 33-year-old fiancé Octavio Santos. The two were set to marry on April 1 and had already flown to Belo Horizonte, in Brazil where Santos is from, for the register office ceremony. But unfortunately, Santos later confessed to cheating.

The problem began when the couple were planning to visit Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, their Airbnb did not permit Santos’ dog from joining them, so Hillier opted to stay behind. During his time away, Santos started to feel a fever and intense shakes, which meant he had to go under quarantine. Hillier then later found out that Santos wasn’t alone. It turned out, Santos was in isolation with another lover. Santos admitted that he’d slept with a mutual friend, who’s being referred to as Nathan, while taking the Rio de Janeiro trip without Hillier.

“I am angry and bitter, said Matt to Daily Mail. “He is a cheat and this is a total slap in the face. I’ve moved to the other side of the world to start a life with this man. I’ve spent so much time stressing over organising our wedding so that it’s perfect.”

He then added, “I even flew my parents and sister out in February to hear the reading of our wedding bans and I’ve got everything ready for our ceremony at the beginning of April and this is how he repays me.”

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Even worse, according to Comic Sands, Hillier tried to navigate this eleventh-hour affair. But even then, he had little communication with his fiancé.

“I can’t believe he cheated on me with this guy during their weekend away and now they are both quarantined together. I can’t even call him to chat properly to see if we can sort this out because Nathan is in the room next to him.”

Octavio Santos is scheduled to leave quarantine the day before the wedding, but now Matt Hillier is unsure if the wedding will continue. While Hillier hasn’t completely called off the wedding, he is very conflicted on how to proceed with this relationship. Meanwhile, Santos expresses nothing but regret.

“I’m sorry,” he told Hillier through reporters. “It was a drunken mistake and as soon as I am fully recovered I want to be with Matt. I love him and miss him and want to make things right.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Comic Sands

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  1. If you have an open marriage would be fine. This doesnt sound like they did. He is using I was drunk. Stuff happens. Your not even married yet and seems like this would happen repeatedly and the ex lover should know better too. Go to therapy; dont marry and see if you can get over it. If you cant.. move on… for both of you so you can both be with people that are obviously better aligned to what your looking and wanting out of your partner which should have been discussed before marriage,


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