How Does An Artist Follow-Up Zodiac Lumbersexuals?

One of the pleasures of living close to Wilton Manors, Florida is the ability to experience the nightlife, restaurants, shops, and people.  Besides bars, there are some great antique stores and art galleries along Wilton Drive, but when it comes to viewing many of the portraits in these galleries, it seems the artists lean toward showing EVERYTHING of the model, holes, poles, balls, etc.  I think they're very eye catching when walking by, I like it, and it is art, but I'm not sure I desire something like that hanging on my wall 24 / 7.  Of course this is my opinion and we all are all welcome to having our own interpretation of art.  But for some of my next art, I may need to look to the other side of the country.


We did a blog back in May about Portland, Oregon artist Michael Sanderson and his zodiac-signs-portrayed-as-lumbersexuals series called Constellation Park.  I have not ordered the Aries lumbersexual print yet, but it is on my list.  What I like about Michael's art is that is is still sexual, but at the same time it's whimsical, thoughtful, while not being oversexed and vulgar.  It also hits home with me with the erotic cartoon fetish that I may have, okay, I know I have.  But Michael's art is something that I would not mind anyone seeing if they came into my home, even my parents.


Michael has taken the attention and praise he received for his Zodiac Lumbersexuals and is now starting to show the first pieces in his new body of work.  It's an ongoing series of giclée prints where new pieces will be added every couple of weeks or so, so he encouraging readers to follow him on social media. Done and done!  Here's where you can find him and his art.


Instagram: michaelsandersonco


Link to his shop:  


One critic said the "subjects in [Michael's] work can be described as: dark, sensual, moody, lonely, provocative" and his art overall has "a superficial, materialistic, vapid surface impression — emphasis on: smart contemporary design."  I'm not a critic, but I think I agree.
Michael Sanderson's new prints range in sizes from 16"x20" -38"x40" and retail for a price point between $50-$300.  These 5 new prints are a starting point for a periodical release of prints, likely posting 1-2 new releases per month.
I will be following. Will you?

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