How Would Max Emerson Prepare For The Bottom Bunk?

Looks like PURE is pushing to be a Christmas Present now?  Usually I give presents to people if they need something.  Apparently, in this spoof of a Christmas Carol, Alaska and Katya have a feeling Max Emerson may need some help cleaning out his cockpit before his bird gets stuffed this holiday season. 

The spoof takes off with Max supposedly being offered big bucks to star in a porn, but it may be a challenge he is not ready for.



Granted, the commercial is a little messy and could use a does of PURE itself.  I thought there were ghosts in A Christmas Carol and not fairy god mothers, but we'll go with it.  I wonder if they saw something messy in Max's past and that was the need for their presence.

What do you think?

Is giving someone PURE for the holiday season a good gift?

Have you tried PURE yet?

What do you think?