‘Hunger Games’ Star Josh Hutcherson Reacts to Viral “Whistle” Edit

Josh Hutcherson’s “Whistle” edit has gone viral online, and it became practically unavoidable on TikTok at one point…

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In fact, ‘The Hunger Games’ star had seen the video, and he recently talked about it in an interview with ET. As of this writing, the “Whistle” edit, which was posted 9 years ago, has gained a whopping 11 million views.


The video shows a montage of Hutcherson’s photos with Flo Rida’s 2012 hit song “Whistle” playing in the background. As for the actor’s reaction to it, he expressed:

“I love it. It’s great.”

“Somebody said it became, like, the new Rickroll… I’m like, this is just wild and I don’t know why,” he added.

Hutcherson also admitted that at first, he didn’t understand why pictures from “some old photoshoot” were going viral because he’s not active on social media. However, he finally got the gist after his brother and his brother’s boyfriend came to the rescue.


According to the 31-year-old American actor, 

“Then finally, over the holidays, my brother and his boyfriend were like, ‘We need to sit you down and explain to you what’s happening online.’ And so they gave me a rundown. They showed me all these videos and we were all laughing about it.”

He further stated,

“When somebody first told me, ‘The Whistle Song,’ I, in my mind, went to [Too $hort’s] ‘Blow The Whistle’. And then when I saw it, I was like, oh, it’s that whistle [Flo Rida’s ‘Whistle’]. Ah, OK. I don’t get it, but I’m here for it.”


On that note, you can watch Hutcherson’s viral “Whistle” edit here:

Moreover, he is starring in the action/thriller film ‘The Beekeeper’, which is set to be showing in theaters on January 12.

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