If the Glove Doesn’t Fit, You Must Call it Quits: The Importance of Proper Condom Use

We've all been there: getting hot and bothered and oh-so-turned on and can't wait to just go for it. Hopefully you reach for the box of condoms before you do anything. Using protection greatly reduces the chance of contracting STDs, and there are some nasty ones out there. But are you using the right size condom? Unfortunately, many sex-ed classes are severely lacking in teaching proper condom use which can lead to a whole slew of unpleasant things.

For many people, they will just grab the standard box of Trojans and call it a day. However, there is a variety of different sized condoms available to purchase, each with their own fit. Unlike some clothing, condoms aren't a one-size-fits-all thing and it's very important that people use the right size for their little (or big) man. 

Aly Walansky from Greatist writes about the benefits and necessities of using the right size condom. Using a condom that is too small may result in it breaking and wearing one too big carries the risk of it falling off in the middle of your intimate encounters. But wearing one that fits just right can not only increase pleasure for both parties, but it can also decrease chances of pregnancy (although I'm not too sure how applicable that is on here…) and contracting STDs

Anyone who has used a condom knows that they're rather elastic and some may think that that means that because it fits it's the right size. However, if it's very snug it most definitely not the right size. All penises were not created equally (for better or for worse) so one condom may work for one person and not for others, which is why it's important that you know your size. What better way to figure out your size than by measuring? Urologic surgeon Jamin Brahmbhatt offers some tips: measure your erect penis by starting at the pubic bone all the way to the tip and wrap a cloth measuring tape around the thickest part of your penis to determine your girth. This will give you a good indicator of what condoms to buy.  Most condoms have a length of seven inches and come in a standard width. If the standard width doesn't work for you, condoms come in slim, snug, wide, large, and extra large for the lucky ones out there. 

In addition to different sizes, condoms also come in different materials other than latex. Polyisoprene condoms like the ones Skyn sells are a good alternative for people who either have a latex allergy or dislike the smell of latex. Plus, trying new material can be an exciting way to spice up your sex life.

One last piece of advice: LUBE! Lubrication is extremely important when having sex as it helps the condom roll easier as well as allowing for smoother access and more conformability and reduces the chance of the condom breaking because of decreased friction. No one wants dry sex! Just make sure to select either silicone or water-based lubes, as oil-based ones can degrade the condom. 

Sex can and most of the time is a great experience for both parties involved but with great fun comes great responsibility. So, measure length and girth, shop around for the right protection, wrap that thing, lube up, and get busy.

h/t: Greatist

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